The Texas Protein Folders and Function Meeting started in 1993. The first meeting (organized by Tom Baldwin, Leila Gierasch, and Jim Hu) was held at Texas A&M, with a plan to rotate the location around the state. After the fourth meeting, the venue stayed at Camp Allen until finding an open date there led the organizers to move the 2013 meeting to Artesian Lakes, where it is now held.

Year Date                      Keynote Speaker(s)         Chairs Notes
2019  April 12-14 James Bardwell (University of Michigan)

Cecilia Clementi (Rice University

Margy Glasner (TAMU)

Bryan Sutton (Texas Tech)

2019 Program
2018  April 13-15 Axel Brunger (Stanford)

George Phillips (Rice)

Joff Silberg (Rice)

Margy Glasner (Texas Tech)

2018 Program
2017  April 7-9 Dave Thirumalai (UT Austin) Daniela Nicastro (UTSW) Clay Clark (UT Arlington) Joff Silberg (Rice) 2017 Program
2016 April 8-10 Rama Ranganathan (UTSW)
Brian Kuhlman (UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine)
Steve Lockless (TAMU)
Clay Clark (UT Arlington)
2016 Program
2015 April 10-12 Michael Rosen (UTSW)
Angel Garcia (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Kay Choi (UTMB) Steve Lockless (TAMU) 2015 Program
2014 April 11-13 Patsy Babbitt (UCSF)
Jose Rizo-Rey (UT-Southwestern)
John Richardson (Austin College) Kay Choi (UTMB) 2014 program
new location: Artesian Lakes
2013 March 22-24 Vijay Pande (Stanford)
Keith Dunker (Indiana)
Jose Barral (UTMB) John Richardson (Austin College) 2013 Program
2012 April 13-16 Wah Chiu
Elizabeth Goldsmith
Jose Onuchic
Olivier Lichtarge (Baylor COM) Jose Barral (UTMB) 2012 Program
2011 March 25-27 Josh Wand (Univ. of Penn)
Michel Bouvier (U de Montréal)
Sarah Bondos (TAMU) Olivier Lichtarge (Baylor COM) 2011 Program
2010 April 9-11 Nick Pace (TAMU)
Nick Grishin (UTSW)
Sarah Bondos (TAMU) Clay Clark (NCSU) Bob Fox (UTMB) Jim Hu (TAMU) Marty Scholtz (TAMU) 2010 Program
2009 April 24-26 Charlie Brooks (Michigan)
Art Palmer (Columbia)
2009 Program
2008 March 14-16 Dan Raleigh (Stonybrook) 2008 Program
2007 March 30-April 1 Susan Marqusee (UC-Berkeley) 2007 Program
2006 April 21-23 Kevin Plaxco (UCSB) 2006 Program
2005 June 3-5 Peter Wolynes (UCSD)
Jeff Kelly (Scripps Research Inst.)
2005 Program
2004 May 28-30 George Rose (Johns Hopkins)
Andy Robertson (Iowa)
2004 Program
2003 April 11-13 Terry Oas (Duke) 2003 Program  A/C problems lead to Vince Hilser and Terry Oas giving the Saturday evening out on the patio.
2002 April 19-21 Lila Gierasch (UMass Amherst)
Tom Baldwin (Arizona)
2002 Program  10th anniversary! Tom and Lila were two of the organizers of the original Texas Folders Meeting. Susan Marquesee drops in as an extra guest speaker.
2001 April 6-8 Chris Kaiser (MIT) 2001 Program
2000 March 31-April 2 Franz Schmid (Bayreuth) 2000 Program
1999 March 12 -14 Brian Matthews (Oregon) 1999 Program
1998 May 15-17 Walter Englander (Penn)
John Moult (CARB)
1998 Program
1997 March 21-23 Ken Dill (UCSF) 1997 Program  Comet Hale-Bopp visible during/after the evening sessions – our second comet in two years at Camp Allen. Phil Thomas asked to arrange a comet for the 1998 meeting.
1996 March 29-31 Buzz Baldwin (Stanford)
Heinrich Roder (Fox Chase Cancer Center)
1996 Program  The meeting moves to Camp Allen. Comet Hyakutake visible during/after the evening sessions. Organizers take this as a sign to stop moving the location of the meeting.
1995 March 31-April 2 David Goldenberg (Utah)
David Shortle (Johns Hopkins)
Jon King (MIT)
Paul Horowitz (UTHSC-San Antonio)
Betty Craig (Wisconsin)
George Lorimer (DuPont)
Art Johnson (TAMU)
Boyd Hardesty (Texas)
Ken Dill (UCSF)
Julian Tirado-Rives (Yale)
Jane Richardson (Duke)
Reiner Rudolf (Boehringer)
Jeff Kelly (TAMU)
David Brems (Amgen)
Ron Wetzel (Smith-Kline)
1995 Program  Joint meeting with the Austin Spring Meeting – held in Austin, sharing a hotel with a boistrous group in the next ballroom. The Texas Folders survive, the Austin Spring Meeting doesn’t.
1994 April 8-10 Bob Sauer 1994 Program  Meeting moves to Hermann Sons Hilltop Camp in Comfort, Texas. This turns out to be a bit Spartan for our needs, but everyone is a good sport.
1993 May 7-9 George Rose 1993 Program  First meeting held in the Biochemistry Building at Texas A&M